St. Roch Church Pop-up Postcard


A neo-Gothic temple located in Zalataya Horka (Golden Hill) area in the city centre. Although a neighbor to the main avenue, the church is hiding inside the city block as a reminder of Minsk as it looked 160 years ago. The stone building was erected on the site of a wooden chapel that was famous for its treasure – a wooden figure of St. Roch. According to the legend, the miraculous sculpture saved Minsk from cholera at the end of the 18th century. The statue of the holy guardian did not leave the church until the 1930s when it was closed by the Soviets. During the war the roof burned down, the building was badly damaged, and then it was used as a repository for the books from the National Library. In the 1950s many other buildings grew up around, and the church involuntarily “hid” behind them.


A new page in history began with organ music concerts – in the 1980s the building was used as a concert hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society: a new organ was installed, and the windows got stained-glass. And when the church began to function again, Saint Roch returned. But, of course, it was already a new, different figure made of metal. Another interesting fact: the ashes of Maria Magdalena Radziwill, an educator, philanthropist, activist of the Belarusian cultural movement, are buried in the church.

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The postcard is made of two types of Fedrigoni craft paper. Outside – Fedrigoni Nettuno 280 g/m², inside – Fedrigoni Materica 180 g/m²

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