Red Church Pop-up Postcard


Red Church is a favorite unofficial name of the Church of Sts. Simon and Helena, located at the Independence Square in Minsk. Its bright red colour, elegant neo-Romanesque architecture and a touching story make it one of the most beautiful and beloved city landmarks.

In 1910 the Church was opened and consecrated in memory of two deceased children – Simon and Helena. Their father Edward Woynillowicz, who financed the construction was a prominent landowner, businessman and civic activist. After just 10 years Belarus became part of the Soviet Union and in 1921 the Church was turned into the theatre, later into the cinema.

It is only in 1990 that, as a result of hunger strikes by two famous Minsk Catholic activists, the building was returned to the Church.

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The postcard is made of two types of Fedrigoni craft paper. Outside – Fedrigoni Nettuno 280 g/m², inside – Fedrigoni Materica 180 g/m²

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